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Region Nordjylland has achieved better security and overview with TrustView. With the investment in TrustView, Region Nordjylland has received systematic surveillance, issuing and storage of certificates in one place.

Better security. Better overview. Better economy.

These are some of the significant advantages that Region Nordjylland has achieved after getting TrustView installed for handling certificates. ”with workflows that involve up to 60-70 employees in the organisation, we have really optimized the processes,” explains Kenneth Degn, PKI-administrator at Region Nordjylland.

”We were looking for a better overview and more security and we have defintiely gotten it"

Kenneth Degn PKI-administrator at Region Nordjylland

”We've got a single place for surveillance, issuing and storage, with logging and audit. We did not have that before,” He says.

He remarks the installation as easy and frictionless. TrustSkills has installed the new system and given a workshop. Put together Region Nordjylland has used two days work.

It has also been a boon economically.

In addition to a big saving on hours, we have also optimized the procurement. ”By switching supplier we save a lot of money continously with changing certificates. It has been worths it, we can buy the certificates cheaper now, so early on we have achieved great savings compared to the number of certificates we issue,” says Kenneth Degn and adds, that the initial price is relatively quickly made back.

Our earlier situation was pretty classic.

”When someone in the organisation needed a certificate, a manual process started to find the requirements, purchase, validation, issuing, intern distribution, implementation and sometimes a lacking possibility to follow up, keep an eye on, control and just being ahead. That workflow is thankfully over, today we have electrified the process and at the same time gained an economical advantage,” says Kenneth Degn.

”The big difference is that I now have one place where I can administrate my certificates. Now we have a single spot where our users can administrate and issue certificates, and now we can control it. Now all approval procedures are in place. You can as system owner go in and take a certificate and place it on the machine, and already then you can note down the requirements. All of that we didn't have before. The single employee saves time and my workday is a lot easier.”

For further information on certificate handling, contact sales director Anders Højby. Call +45 20 20 40 98 or write to

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Anders Højby

Director of sales, TrustSkills
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