PKI as a Service

More and more enterprises are moving essential portions of their infrastructure, including PKI, to the cloud. This is an attractive prospect as it can save on costs and provide significant scalability. However, with PKI it is extremely important to secure the root offline and to separately manage the Root CA and issue CAs online for certificate requests and issuance.

PKIaaS offers highly secure and scalable managed PKI combined with end-to-end certificate lifecycle management and automation in the cloud. It allows organizations to separate their key management from their on-premise infrastructure without compromising the security of the root. By establishing this infrastructure in the cloud organizations can utilize the provisioning services of their chosen CA at any time.

While leading cloud technology organizations offer PKIaaS, such as AWS PKI and Microsoft Azure PKI, these solutions only support certificates specific to their platform. Most organizations deploy many different public and private certificate types from many CAs. These organizations need a solution that can automate the management of all of their certificates.