TrustView Lite

TrustView Lite is the solution aimed at small and medium-sized organizations that want a simple and intuitive platform for monitoring SSL/TLS certificates. TrustView Lite has been developed based on our solution TrustView, which is used by the public Denmark from the State to the Region and municipalities and some of our largest companies such as: Danish Crown, Ørsted, Salling Group, FLSmidth and many many more.

We are a leading in certificate management and with TrustView Lite we have now opened up for the opportunity for small and medium-sized companies to establish a comprehensive overview with one solution.

  • Cloud-based and very intuitive solution for monitoring your external and internal certificates.
  • Portal access with the possibility of scanning URL.
  • Ability to scan and monitor wildcard certificates and certificates with subdomains.
  • Automatic e-mail notifications for upcoming expirations.

With TrustView Lite you get

One solution creates an overall overview

We will find all your public certificates - even those you did not know existed, perhaps created by a colleague, revoked or already expired. In other words, you only need to access one solution in the future for handling your certificates.

Monitoring and surveillance of your certificates

By using our scanning agent, you also have the opportunity to find and monitor your internal certificates. TrustView Lite gives you a comprehensive overview of all your certificates, regardless of whether they are external or internal certificates. TrustView Lite also monitors endpoints in relation to wildcard certificates.

Notifications is of course done automatically

You will at regular intervals (which you define yourself) receive notifications about upcoming expirations. Creates an overview and gives you the opportunity to plan well in advance... no more urgent tasks or downtime.

A certificate is a certificate

TrustView Lite does not distinguish where the certificate was purchased, a certificate is a certificate and it must of course be monitored regardless of which manufacturer or wholesaler you have traded with.

Easy renewal or purchase of new certificates

Of course, the certificates can be renewed and ordered through TrustView Lite - even from several different providers if you have a preference.

Cloud based solution via portal

The solution can be accessed "on the fly" no implementation!

Cloud (SaaS) Yes
On-prem No*
Monitor SSL/TLS enabled services Yes
Grouping of SSL/TLS enabled services on a per-certificate basis Yes
Monitor certificate transparency logs Yes
Vulnerability detection Yes
Expiry alerts Yes
Monitor ADFS services No*
Monitor CRLs No*
Integrated issuance/Ordering
Order SSL certificates (DigiCert, GeoTrust, Let's Encrypt and Entrust) Yes
Maximum number of users 3
Danish speaking support Yes

*These features are available in TrustView


You are always more than welcome to reach out for more information or hear more about prices for TrustView Lite.

 +45 70 60 50 24

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