Certificates for BIMI

BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) is used to enable an organization’s verified logo to appear in e-mail messages. To use BIMI at the highest level of validation, organizations are required to use a Verified Mark Certificate (VMC) from an authorized certification authority (CA), such as Entrust or DigiCert.

TrustSkills provide assistance throughout the whole validation process to get Verified Mark Certificates issued and they can be monitored in TrustView like other types of SSL certificates.

To see the full list of e-mail clients which currently supports BIMI, visit:


Unique BIMI qualities:

  • Show an organization’s registered trademark logo alongside e-mails appearing in the participating receiver’s inbox

  • Control of the logo that displays in these participating receiver inboxes

  • Immediate brand recognition for an enhanced user experience

Example of BIMI
Example of BIMI

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