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AD CS Frontend

With AD CS Frontend, you get an effective web-based interface for your Microsoft AD CS, which facilitates handling and gives an overview of your internal PKI in daily work.

Improved user interface

AD CS Frontend has an enhanced interface to your internal PKI, from which you get an overview of the current status and can perform all current operations such as issuance, approval, and revocation of certificates.

Detailed reporting

AD CS Frontend collects all information about all your internally issued certificates, such as computer, client and Kerberos certificates. Then you can get an overview of concrete issues, such as:

  • Overview of certificates that approach expiration and need to be manually renewed.
  • Report of certificates that use a short key length and therefore pose a security risk.
  • Certificate overview issued outdated signing algorithms, such as SHA-1.

This gives you both an operational overview and the ability to prove that you are internal PKI is configured according to industry best-practice guidelines.

Efficient workflows

When manually issuing certificates from your internal PKI, the entire process can be performed from AD CS Frontend.

  • Generation of key pairs. The key pair is generated directly in the AD CS Frontend and is kept safe.
  • The certificate request is securely communicated to your internal PKI.
  • The certificate request is approved used the AD CS Frontend and is afterwards issued by your internal PKI.
  • Certificates and private keys are sent to recipients via 2 separate channels (mail and SMS). All common formats like PKCS # 12, JKS, etc. are supported.

Improved security

With AD CS Frontend, you can add an additional level of security by shielding your internal PKI in the IT infrastructure. Administrators no longer need to log directly to your internal CA to issue, approve and block your internal certificates.

Next step

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