GDPR statement

TrustSkills GDPR Statement v1.3

1. TrustSkills may only process personal data according to documented instructions from the data controller

    a. Submission of order for certificates to be considered as an instruction

2. TrustSkills uses the following data processors

    a. DigiCert, 2801 North Thanksgiving Way, Suite 500, Lehi, Utah 84043, USA

    b. Entrust Corporation,1187 Park Place, Minneapolis, MN 55379, USA

3. TrustSkills may not change the above list of sub-processors without general written approval from the data controller. Changes are announced with at least 1 month's notice.

4. TrustSkills' notification of a breach of personal data security to the data controller must, if possible, take place without undue delay after the latter has become aware of the breach, so that the data controller can comply with its obligation to report the breach of personal data security to the competent supervisory authority, cf. the data protection regulation article 33.

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