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Renewal of certificates: Automatic approach reduces manual ordering and implementation routines. TrustSkills are the only ones on the market to provide automatic renewal of existing VOCES & FOCES-certificates.

MitID certificates are secured using keys and passwords

uniformity is ensured in "both ends" of the communication process, so you have secured and encrypted communication.

“TrustSkills provide an automated approach, which saves our customers from manual orders - and implementation routines.”

Anders Højby, Director of sales, TrustSkills

So far so good, but the problems arise, when the certificates need to be renewed, replaced or terminated.

“TrustSkills provide an automated approach, which saves our customers from manual orders - and implementation routines,” explains director of sales in TrustSkills, Anders Højby.

As the only provider on the market, TrustSkills' standard solution provides the ability to renew existing VOCES and FOCES-certificates automatically.

“We have developed the integration to NETS, and therefore it is standard functionality, which we provide to all customers with you MitID-module,” says Anders Højby.

Renewal is simple and can be enabled by default, which is why customers no longer need to worry about handling VOCES and FOCES-certificates anymore.

The standard solution also gives an overview in terms of logfile, history, transfers and access all to support Your IT-security, governance and intern or extern revision.

For more information, contact sales director Andreas Højby. Call 20204098 or write to

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Anders Højby

Director of sales, TrustSkills
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